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Loo's Salsa Diary

Loo's Blog on (Photographic) Visual Composition

About the Author

Loo Yeo has an integrated skills-based approach to learning; also known as the "have your cake and eat it" approach.

It stems from his belief that you can develop superb technical ability without losing your humanity; and that you can be passionate in your dancing without compromising control. His workshops on the technical development of power, energy utilisation, movement and biomechanics are unique; and draw upon his background in sports education, the human life sciences, and his experience as a former dance competitor.

However, he is better known for the articles that he has written and been quoted from, as a participant researcher and ethnomusicologist. Loo is an educator in Afro-Cuban percussion, and places significant emphasis on grounding dance in its music and cultural context. This approach, and his tireless effort in promoting the appreciation of Latin American culture in non-Latin communities, culminated in his membership of Conseil International de la Dance (CID), UNESCO.

Loo's passion for music saw him become a founding member of the performing salsa band Chévere where he was at various times percussionist, vocalist, pianist and bassist. He is currently the music director and singer-songwriter for the performing and recording conjunto 4 de Diciembre.

You can contact Loo via the email link below.


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