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The free online lessons that you provide for merengue and salsa were really useful to me when I was starting out. I found the links a valuable resource as well.

Sagitta of




Articles and discussion about ballroom, swing, salsa and argentine tango. Sagitta, a moderator who contacted me describes it as, "one of the friendliest, open, clean forums that I have found on dance". I have to agree.

Has changed into an online shoppe retailing Edie Espinosa's dance-related material. Lost all of its charm along the way.

Eddie Torres
Eddie is arguably the best "street-two" dancer/instructor in the world. A shame that his site doesn't do more to reflect that.
Latin Dance establishment of which Josie Neglia is a member. The site is mainly a vehicle for selling her videos.

Izzy Sanabria's salsa pages - MC for the Fania All Stars, Publisher of LatinNY magazine, Original Marketer of the word "Salsa".

Possibly the largest salsa-related site on the net, boasting 2000+ pages of content. Listings should be treated with suspicion as some information is highly inaccurate (e.g. Sheffield's is more than five years out of date).

Commercial London-centric site, useful for checking out what's happening in and around the capital.

Salsa Jive UK
Carries comprehensive listings of classes and events occurring across the UK.



Tambora y Güira
With the dearth of information on the merengue on the web, this site is one of the best. It offers some very interesting viewpoints.


Argentine Tango

When this salsa site grows up, it wants to be just like cyber-tango. Garrit Fleischmann is doing a masterful job. There is so much relevant content, so easy to navigate, and itís so simply elegant that narcissistic flashy graphics have beaten a hasty retreat.

Daniel Trennerís Bridge to the Tango
Daniel Trenner is a most insightful exponent of the Argentine Tango. His site has a lot to offer: articles, video ordering forms, and information on the trips that he organises.



Mambo Con Rumbo
York-based nine piece salsa band. Performance is good, and some numbers in their repetoire are very good.

Homepage of Merengada, justifiably the UK's premier merengue band. An improved line-up, and the exuberant quality of their performances make them a “must” to see live. The site itself has details of their gigs and CD, plus enough links to other salsa and merengue related sites to keep your index finger out of mischief for months.

Homesite of one of the best UK salsa bands. Very strong live performers. Definitely worth going to watch this five piece lineup play.

Salsa Pa'Gozar
A four to six piece salsa band that plays with real heart and soul. They have the cost of a middle-weight, but punch more like a heavy-weight.


Live Radio Broadcasts on the Web

La Mega 97.9 FM
A New York based radio station playing a good selection of merengue and salsa. The most consistent one we've found so far, but you'll still need quite a fast connection to get the most out of it.

Excellent station, plays a good range of well selected songs. Well worth tuning into. Gets a five out of five in my book.


Music Sales

Amazon | | | |
Probably the best international web retailer around. The sites work well, there are music samples to listen to, and the stock range is large. More importantly, items on backorder get filled reasonably quickly and reliably.

The most useful thing that Amazon has is product linking; "people who bought this item also bought these items". A great tool if you're exploring an unfamiliar music genre. Amazon also has some hard-to-get CDs on its catalogue, but it is worth your while checking each Amazon site because they all have different catalogues.

CD Connection
Based in Sunnyvale, California this site has titles on its catalogue that are incredibly difficult to locate elsewhere. Filling of backordered items is quick, reliable, and the postage on all instances first rate. Prices are lower on average than on other sites. Another nice touch is the "contact a human" feature. Easily the best service I've encountered, and serves as the reference by which other retailers are judged.

A retailer of all things Latin, well almost. The journal archives are a veritable font of information, and the glossary of terms is excellent; a must for the insatiably curious. The extent of their music catalogue is staggering, if a little pricey. The downside is you can't hear before you buy.

Probably your best bet if you want to get your hands on the Latin American music that is distributed via the continent (that usually means France). As of this writing, they have been reduced to a purely mail-order service.

Tower Records
I definitely had to include Tower Records after they proved to be the only company capable of obtaining the (deleted) grammy-nominated CDs “Ritmo Y Candela”.


Book Sales

Amazon must be one of the largest internet shops around, selling everything up to the proverbial kitchen sink. Amazingly, it often works out cheaper to purchase books and CDs from here than to order it from a shop in the UK.

Temple University Press
Oodles of books about Latin American culture for you to root around for, order and exercise the grey matter on.


Playing Latin American Music
Personal website of Australian percussionist and instructor Alex Pertout. Has a particularly useful lessons page.

For those of you who are local to Sheffield, UK and want to get your hands on some instruments, this is one of the best music shops in the area. Professional service at reasonable prices. No, I'm not on commission.

Harmony Central
Featuring a vast range of musical instruments with information on their roles, and learning materials on how to play them.

Jazz & Salsa
Well designed site of an agency based in Reading and run by musicians. They offer quite a range of services - of special interest are the percussion workshops.

Latin Percussion
Manufacturers of some of the finest percussion instruments around, although availability of many items in the U.K. is poor. Features online tutorials on playing various instruments and rhythms.


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