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Supported Charities

A significant proportion of funds that we raise is given to charitable causes. On behalf of the organisations listed, and the others that we have contributed to indirectly, we would like to thank our society members for their support. No number of words here can do any of these causes full justice. If you would like to lend a helping hand, they can be contacted at the addresses provided.

The Baa Lamb Fund
Run by Dr. J. Bridson (retired). Formerly from Department of Paediatrics. Barnsley District General Hospital. Gawber Road, Barnsley S75 2EP.
Reg. Charity No.: 107 1486

    The Baa Lamb Fund is the Barnsley based arm of Child Advocacy International (Reg. Charity No.: 1071486), dedicated to assisting children in the most disadvantaged countries in the world. In this case, support goes to improving conditions for sick children and babies in Albania. This is a long term project; the aim is not to just send money there, but to use it to provide better education and training for medical, nursing and managerial staff at the Mother Teresa Hospital in Tirana.

The Children’s Appeal
Sheffield Children’s Hospital, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TH.
Tel: 0114 271 7203. Fax: 0114 275 9947. Reg. Charity No.: 505 002.

    The Children’s Hospital in Sheffield is one of the best of its kind in the country. It cares for the young, and conducts research into the causes of, and cures for, childhood diseases. Through the appeal, people have made, and are continuing to make a difference in securing the lives of future generations.

Red Nose Appeal

    For those not in the know, the Red Nose Appeal runs nationwide in the United Kingdom and culminates in an annual television show hosted by, and featuring numerous celebrities. This year, all of the lesson fees that we charged on the Saturday before the programme were donated, a practice that we hope to continue every year.

Ringinglow Road Children’s Home
336 Ringinglow Road, Sheffield.
Tel: 0114 235 1102.

    This is a local home for children who are mentally disabled. Most of the resident children are orphans, and the home also provides care for the disabled who do not live there. It shamed us to hear that some people withdraw their offer of financial assistance, once they learn that it is a home for disabled children. We’re glad to be able to raise the profile of the home, for the benefit of the kids there.

Sheffield Esteli Society

    Sheffield is twinned with the Nicaraguan town of Esteli. The Sheffield Esteli Society helps fund many long-term projects designed to improve the quality of life there. It has also been instrumental in providing immediate disaster relief in the aftermath of Hurricane Mitch. The process of recovery and repair from the hurricane will be a long and difficult one. Continued assistance, especially now after the events have left the public eye, would be greatly appreciated.

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