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An undertaking like this would not be possible without the very significant contributions of some truly exceptional people.

I owe tremendous debts of gratitude to,

"Tall" Rob Creasey for his vision, energy and hunger to share his love of salsa;

Becky Walls and Helen "Millie" Milliken, for sacrificing the hours to get the university classes off the ground;

George Lee for shouldering the task of Constitutional reform so as to preserve all our interests, doing so unflinchingly and unselfishly;

Lisa Tse for doing such excellent work in web design, Adrian Cox for the hours and thoughts that went into setting up the site, Rik Newman for the critique as only he does best and pulling the strings to get us ahead of the game;

Ana Santiago Menendez for her selfless help and support, and her Herculean efforts in translation to this very day;

Christophe Pinna for his profound counsel, through the toughest of times;

All the teachers who have passed through my training schedules, from whom I have learned at least as much as them from me;


Trevor Lea, a mentor and close friend whose encouragement has made my experience in salsa the brightest possible place.


1999 Salsa & Merengue Society