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This website is now in its third incarnation, and a number of things have happened since the last one to prompt this latest series of changes.

The first is by far the overwhelming support we have received from you, our visitors. Based on the statistics, the direct requests and the feedback from all who wrote in; we've been able to identify the sections you found most useful, and what you would have liked to see more of. This has helped us define better the role of the site; in an internet environment which experiences the birth of new salsa sites nearly every day.

The second is my inevitable, though amicable, lessening of involvement with the University of Sheffield's salsa organisation, who now have a website of their own (which can be found in the Handy Links page). Pages pertaining to the University's activities are still available and have been grouped together in this section.

The third, concomitant with the second, is my burgeoning role as music director of the salsa-timba conjunto '4 de Diciembre'. This has resulted in the addition of a new section "For Players", with material relevant to those who would perform this vibrant music. The experience has certainly helped me become a better educator, and you will be able to judge that for yourselves as the Salsa Level Two tutorials develop.

The restructuring has not detracted from what has always been the core focus of the site: to provide coherent and cohesive information on the Internet, especially for one just taking the first steps in Latin dance. I'm sure that in the fullness of time, it will prove to be the only decision that could have been made to safeguard its continued relevance.

I would like to thank you all for your continued support, and to Verdant Ecologic for helping me keep this site free for the hundreds of people who learn to dance from it every day.

Loo Yeo
December 2005

Loo Yen Yeo asserts his right to be recognised as the owner of this website and originator of all material contained therein, unless otherwise acknowledged.


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