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The pulse of the bongó bell

The inflections of cáscara

The montuno currents of the piano

The hypnotic heart of the bass

Does it make you come alive?

     …Can you feel it?

Nowhere is the texture of Latin American culture more clearly captured than in its music.

For those who would understand the Latin people through the playing of their music, this section is for you.


Subject: Research

Dear Loo Yeo

So I have a gig this New Year's Eve with a traditional Cuban band... I've been playing professionally 30+ years, but I never played real traditional Cuban music ...I came across your site and I wanted to let you know what a huge help it is, especially in understanding the history. When I read about your friend Luis explaining the origin of the short steps in salsa and how they were vestigial imprints of the chains... well.. I was taken by a new sense of my responsibility as a musician. Thanks. I think you've done a helluva good job.

Happy New Year and namaste,


1999 Salsa & Merengue Society