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4 de Diciembre

Cuatro de Diciembre
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Cuatro de Diciembre
are a modern group featuring the charanga of flute and violin counterpointed by the metalles of trumpet and trombone, on top of a contemporary rhythm and Afro-Cuban percussion section.

Directed by United Nations Dance Council Member (UNESCO CID) Loo Yeo, 4 de Diciembre knows what dance music is about; having a cutting-edge sound with modern harmonies whilst remaining firmly grounded in Afro-Cuban traditions. The ensemble is equally comfortable interpreting sones and son montunos as it is performing its own original salsa-timba compositions.

The band is named after the date of Chango's day, the Afro-Cuban Orisha of fire and music, the eve of which is commemorated with much music, dance and revelry all across the island.

4 de Diciembre was named following a coincidence: the first recording of one theme track called "Nueva Generación" fell on a 3rd of December, where its final inspiración went:

"Festejemos como si mañana fuera cuatro de Diciembre"*
[Party as if tomorrow were the 4th of December]

Fiery, Passionate, Energetic, Entertaining,


We're all that.

From son montuno to out-and-out club-floor salsa, their musical arrangements are irresistibly danceable.

Jeremy (keyboards), Loo (congas)
Listeners don't just listen for long.

With a philosophy like
'Music was made for dancing',
you'll just have to experience, live,
salsa's sharpest cutting edge.

      Cuatro de Diciembre are:
Mike Beaken:
hand percussion
Jan Rens:
Ana Santiago Menéndez:
bass guitar, vocals
Paul Whibberley:
congas, bongó
Thom White:
trumpet, vocals
Catie Williams:
flute, alto flute, vocals
Jeremy Wise:
piano, vocals, clave
Loo Yeo:
lead vocals,
hand percussion

Artistic influences include:
Ray Barretto, Charanga Habanera, Oscar Hernández, Ricardo Lemvo, Rebeca Mauleón-Santana, Orquesta Gitano, Johnny Pacheco, Cesar Pedroso, Johnny Polanco, José Luis “Changuito” Quintana, Marty Sheller, Carlos “Patato” Valdes, Los Van Van.

*©2005 Loo Yen Yeo & Ana Santiago Menéndez. All rights reserved.


1999 Salsa & Merengue Society