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Pulse-Based Rhythms: Introduction

Very early on in this tutorial series we came to appreciate how important the pulse is as a reference rhythm; its regularity allowing us to understand the dynamism of the clave. And often it would be left at just that; after all, what more could there possibly be to the pulse than simple regularity?

The percussion instruments of bongó bell, güiro and maracas are the main interpreters of a rhythm based on the pulse. But the rhythm contains accents on top of the main pulse beats, which altogether create a fuller, broader dimension. These accents, sometimes inaudible in a ensemble setting, are of tremendous value to the percussionist dancer.

In this tutorial we will learn of the pulse via a commonly-expressed rhythm in which it is incorporated it, understanding its key features and how we might make use of the pulse as a dancer - over and above the obvious.


1999 Salsa & Merengue Society