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Salsa: Basic Steps

Salsa: Basic Steps
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I've been looking for a salsa tutorial for a while now. Unlike most other sites, your site actually teaches it in a fun way.




Your information is the personal touch that I have been missing... I am so grateful to you.



Using The Video Clips

1. View the clip once to get a feel of the whole basic.
2. Read the instructions and try it out to your own time, referring to the clip as often as necessary.
3. Practise just the verbal cue while viewing the clip.
4. Perform the basic, using the verbal cue. Try to make a link between each word of the cue and the specific action it describes. Refer to the clip as often as necessary.
5. Perform the basic in time while viewing the clip, with the verbal cue.
6. Perform the basic to the music file provided.

Instruction notes
All the instructions are broken down into actions that should be completed by the end of the relevant beat. Since salsa is played in two bar phrases containing four beats in each bar, an eight beat count is used. Please don't be overly concerned if you can't hear the phrasing, you will given time. Just count beats 5,6,7,8 as 1,2,3,4 instead.

Visual notes
Where applicable, the instructions suggest that you perform the basic mirror imaged i.e. as if you were dancing facing the demonstrator.

Verbal notes
Verbal reinforcement is not to be underestimated. The verbal cues provided are your reminder. They take the form of four monosyllabic words per bar (measure) of music, one syllable per beat. The basic format is "Step-step-step-wait" corresponding to beats "one-two-three-four" respectively. You can also substitute the word "wait" with "weight". This can be an extremely useful reminder for you ensure that you've transferred your weight completely onto the foot used in beat three.

Practice Track
A practice track of the same music used in the clips forty bars long (mono) is provided.

Practice track, 40 Bars – Pract40.mp3 (1.4 Mb)
Right click on the link and select «Save Target As...» to download.


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