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Salsa: Basic Steps

Salsa: Basic Steps
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Single Right Turn (SRT)

The single right turn (SRT) is derived from the Latin basic, where a right turn is performed during the forward phase of the Latin basic; the backward phase remains unchanged. The SRT is the foundation piece of most North American turn combinations. Like the turning basic, try to align yourself facing one direction with objects that you can focus on ninety degrees to both your right and behind your starting position e.g. walls in a square room. You can use these objects as reference points to help you learn.


Verbal Cue:

Prepare to start:
Stand with your weight on your right leg ready to move with your left leg.

1. Take a step forward with your left leg, turning your body ninety degrees to the right. (You should end up with your weight on your left leg, looking straight at the object that was previously on your right)
2. Turn your body a further ninety degrees to your right to face the direction opposite to your starting position, stepping onto your right leg. (This is a replace of weight with a change in orientation)
3. Turn the remaining one hundred and eighty degrees with weight still on your right leg. Stop yourself turning by placing your left foot close to your right and transferring your weight onto it.
4. Clap your hands once to mark the null beat.

Your weight should now be on your left leg ready to move with your right.

Complete the basic by performing a back basic with the right foot,

5. Take a step back with your right leg, while your left foot stays in the same place. (Remember to transfer your weight completely onto your right leg)
6. Transfer your weight from your right leg onto your left leg. (Replace of weight done to the cue of "and")
7. Place your right foot close to your left and transfer your weight onto it.
8. Clap your hands once to mark the null beat.

You are now back to the beginning with your weight on your right leg, ready to move with your left.

If you want to practise this basic with Dan in the clip: Single Right Turn, Solo; you should start with your weight on your left leg ready to dance the back basic with your right leg. Partners do not dance in mirror image; you should step back as Dan turns, and turn as he steps back.


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