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Salsa: Basic Steps

Salsa: Basic Steps
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Salsa: Basic Steps
(For absolute beginners)

Hello, and welcome to our beginners dance lesson. Mastery of these basics will provide you with a foundation that should allow you to salsa in Britain, Latin America and North America.

We know that you're hungry to get started, but please try to follow the lesson in the descending order listed, you will find that it makes more sense.

Finally let us stress that there can be no substitute for learning directly from a teacher. We do hope that this comes in a close second place.



i'm in miami, Fl puerto rican born and raised, but unfortunately left salsa for awhile and i'm brushing up now, and getting back into the dance. I liked and appreciated the downloads on your site they helped me get back in step.

Thanks for the great site.



me llamo pilar y vivo en santiago de chile (en sudamérica),

Hace tiempo me invitaron a una salsoteca, y no fui... no me atreví, ya que no tenia idea de bailar salsa. Desde entonces que tengo ganas de aprender.

Bueno.. simplemente quería agradecerles por los videos y la claridad de las explicaciones, realmente me fueron muy utiles, incluso hoy, aproveche el curso junto a mi familia.. fue muy entretenido.

Muchos agradecimientos!...



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