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Salsa: Basic Steps

Salsa: Basic Steps
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Not just pretty feet

Shirin and Dan were chosen because of their gender and their contrasting dance styles, particularly in dance timing.

Shirin Sivan a.k.a. The Metronome, usually dances in the middle of every beat, hence her term of endearment. She's the one wearing the light trousers. Shirin is an aspiring materials engineer, although she's trying to kick the habit by teaching Salsa and Jive. She's exceptionally fluent in the dance roles of both genders which lends her teaching a very balanced quality. She also has a lead that is the envy of most men.    Shirin Sivan

DJ dFlower    Dan Flower a.k.a. DJ dFLOWER, is a medical biochemist wannabe and can be seen here sporting the dark trousers. Dan tends to dance late on beat one speeding up to finish early on beat four, so his dancing has more dynamic contrast. Apart from teaching dance, Dan also DJs, practices massage, terrorises dance floors, and complains that he's got too much of a life. He's also renowned for spouting enormous amounts of drivel. His alias has nothing to do with his timing whatsoever.



Just a thank you for your great site. My wife and I are learning Salsa, taking lessons, but following your demos has made a lot of things clearer. Its given us quite a leap forward. Brilliant design, brilliant dancers.

Many thanks

Terry and Rosie



1999 Salsa & Merengue Society