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Salsa: Basic Steps

Salsa: Basic Steps
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My name is Carlos, and I live in Porto Alegre city, BRASIL. I am an Engineer an have 50 years old. I love Salsa dance and try to learn it.

The Dance Online, level one is very good. I and my daughter Laura (15 years old) learn the basics with it. Now, I hope new lessons online.

Please, place new lessons in your site. They are very important to us.

Calos and Laura.


About The Video Clips

Most clips are filmed from the three-quarter angle. Alternate viewing angles are sometimes provided with the demonstrators performing in different orientations, or in a separate clip altogether. In most cases the demonstrators' arms are not in frame to allow an unobstructed view of the lower body.

The videos have been uploaded to YouTube and links to them have been embedded on the relevant tutorial webpage. They are set to loop automatically. Having the videos provided inline with the description in this way delivers a seamless tutorial.

Legacy clips in Real Media format (.RM) and the Audio Video Interleave format (.AVI) are available upon request, but you may have to recode them since legacy support for them is limited.


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