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Rhythm Sense

A Break in Movement
Son Phrasing (Part 1):
Son and Mambo
Son Phrasing (Part 2):
Starting Son, and Clave
Son Phrasing (Part 3):
Son Montuno
Zarabanda: A Context for
Rhythmic Anticipation
Merengue to Salsa
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It's all in the mind.

This section addresses your Expression of Rhythm.

Being abstract in nature, it is best not to be prescriptive about the use of rhythm. Actually it would be futile. There are tutorials here, but not all of them as you are used to: some of them are highly practical, and others present themselves as articles along a particular line of thought. You're in for a varied ride.

At this point there is no longer a right or a wrong – only the challenge of informing an opinion.


I want to say that I do not think I would have understood and appreciated salsa if I didn't find your website.




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