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Using The Tutorials

The tutorials of the programme are arranged in the order a typical complete beginner would learn them. In teaching terms, this is called the hierarchy of development. However if you already dance merengue, you can cherry-pick what you want, but we would still advise that you prioritise what you learn in the order presented. This ordered subset is your own hierarchy of correction.

Tutorial Sections
Each skill set can have up to three parts:

  • Core
    just the bare necessities: a video demonstration where appropriate, a step-by-step description, the underlying principles, and simple targets;
  • Details
    more detailed notes correlating with the core description, learning tips, and common faults to be aware of;
  • Extras (where available)
    specific information and variations relevant to particular contexts, and further practices. 

However you will notice a change in the structure of the latter tutorials, reflecting a shift in emphasis of the lesson content.

Learning Schemes
You can take three routes through the programme:

  1. Fast Track
    For the mightily impatient, you learn with the Core sections only. This approach is fastest but has the highest risk, since your ability to understand and detect errors could be limited due to a lack of information. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing...
  2. Typical (default)
    Using both the Core and Detail sections of every tutorial. It is the best compromise between speed of development and depth of understanding.
  3. Complete
    For the curious, painstakingly patient, and those who aspire to be the complete dancer/partner. You would explore all sections in the tutorial and learn both partners' roles. It is the requisite minimum for all our instructors.

You can also play to your strengths by choosing a mix of all three routes. Irrespective of what you decide, they all have one thing in common: the skill in each tutorial must be mastered to naturalisation before moving on to the next one i.e. you must be able to execute the practice without needing to think about it.


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