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HALO™ Turns For Followers: Introduction

The single turn can be considered a simple building block, which in conjunction with other elements gives rise to a turn combination. So learning how to turn i.e. the lead and follow aspects that precede the manoeuvre, and the execution of the turn proper, are important skills for the improving dancer.

The educative process we employ to achieve this is a result of several years of experience and development. It is a coherent aggregate of concepts and learning points; and we call it the HALO™ system.

In this tutorial, your first application of the halo is on the follower. While we will cover all four variations, the first is a clockwise turn with follower's right hand in lead's left. Notice that the arms used are the same as the picture arms of the close hold. This turn was deliberately chosen because it needs the least readjustment in the transition from close hold to halo turn.


1999 Salsa & Merengue Society