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Course Design

The merengue is an extremely adaptable, expressive dance; and to enjoy it at its best, dancers need to possess a degree of mental flexibility. Consequently, any reliable course of instruction must be designed with this important feature in mind.

We find that a traditional teaching system based on dance vocabulary is unsuitable because it fails to stimulate this flexibility. Students tended to end up “frozen”, locked into using set patterns and unable to create their own dance.

Instead, our course is based on the learning of a series of specific skill sets (see Tutorial Programme). They are broadly grouped into three phases of development you would go through from beginner to proficiency. The fourth phase (located in the Using Rhythm tutorial group) comprises a series of short notes describing how merengue can be reshaped into other dance forms, and are written from the point of view of a merenguero/a who has mastered all the previous tutorials.

  • Phase I: State of Independence
    The bare minimum you would need to know to dance merengue socially.
  • Phase II: Understanding Dance Elements
    The building blocks of every pattern - their size, shape, lead signal, and how to perform them.
  • Phase III: Creating Combinations
    Assembling elements to form a limitless vocabulary.
  • Phase IV: Transformations
    Modifying the merengue into other Latin dance forms.


Mastering each tutorial in turn will lead you step-by-step to generating your own movements and your own patterns. Skills-driven learning is a very effective method in education; it is already well established in the sports arena but is not yet a standard in dance. So if you've been to dance classes before, you may find the format a little unfamiliar at first. On a similar note, also bear in mind that the moves we've included are there to demonstrate a particular principle - they are not an end in themselves.

The online merengue lessons are flexible and inclusive; they are designed so you can complement them with lessons based on traditional teaching systems.

For further information about teaching and learning, you may like to read our instructors course manual.


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