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Combination Analysis: Introduction

This tutorial is about the ability to observe, understand and duplicate any combination. The skills you'll develop here are especially applicable to video instruction, but are just as relevant to learning from instructors in the studio and fellow dancers in a club environment. These three sources will likely constitute the largest input to your expanding dance vocabulary.

However, you will learn more than just how to imitate. You will learn how to manipulate the new material you acquire, to improve it, and generate even more material with it.

The lesson structure takes a markedly different format from the tutorials in Phases I & II. We begin with a Principles section entirely devoted to the theory underpinning combination analysis. It is followed by a single large case study where theory is put into practice. Finally, we have the Extras section which explores how the case study can be manipulated, and how the skills you've developed can be applied to improve other non-vocabulary related aspects of your dancing.


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