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About The Video Clips

All clips are filmed at angles and distances that relay the most accurate visual information. Alternative viewing angles are provided where necessary, with demonstrators performing in different orientations..

The videos have been uploaded to YouTube and links to them have been embedded on the relevant tutorial webpage. They are set to loop automatically. Having the videos provided inline with the description in this way delivers a seamless tutorial.

Pausing the clip and dragging the playhead slider allows you to view the demonstration frame-by-frame, a strength of the electronic format that you don't have in real life.

Legacy clips in Real Media format (.RM) and the Audio Video Interleave format (.AVI) are available upon request, but you may have to recode them since legacy support for them is limited.


What a great job you people have done to simplfy and break down the steps to learn the merengue! I've taken lessons etc but they just say "your getting it just keep practicing!" I always wonder what the hell am I doing?practicing?

After watching your videos I know what to do! Great Job with your little video clips! Thank you , Thank you , Thank you ,




1999 Salsa & Merengue Society