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Dance Online
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Dance Online
How easily you learn to dance depends a lot on how simple your teacher makes it. We've made it as easy as possible by providing free video downloads of some of our lesson content: dance steps plus supporting explanations, verbal cues, and a few hints and tricks.

We have placed as much of our salsa dancing lessons and merengue dance moves as we can online.

If you like what you see, if you don't, or if you need a little more help, you can contact us using the email below and help us make it better.


These video clips were great and so easy to follow. i have been looking for a way to learn in private and this was wonderful start.




Subject: Online Tutorials

I am a college student in the US, and I came upon your online tutorials while searching online for something to help me learn to salsa. At my school, there is an organization that exists for the teaching of salsa, merengue, and bachata; they use dance as a means of teaching Hispanic culture. They meet once a week.

I wanted to go to this meeting and learn to dance, but I was afraid to go because, as a general rule, I don't dance. You could say that I am rhythmically challenged. Or maybe just lacking in the coordination department. Whichever it is, I was terrified b/c I didn't want to make a fool of myself in front of all of these people who, I was sure, could (literally!) dance circles around me.

I practiced with your online tutorial before the first week, and was pleasantly surprised: When I got to the meeting, not only was I not completely lost, but I could do alot of the steps that were being taught! I've been going now once a week for the past four weeks, and people are beginning to ask me about how long I have danced and about why I am in the beginners' group! They are shocked to find out that I have only danced once a week for the past four weeks.

I am beginning to consider going to salsa clubs to see if I can dance in the "real world."

I am so excited! I love to dance, and this is, in part, because of the help that I received from your site!

Thank you so much!


Please Note
The terms used to describe our basics are the same ones we use in the Salsa & Merengue society, as defined in our training manual "Teaching and Salsa". Please don't be alarmed if you come across them bearing different names.

We endeavour to make our instructional material as safe, fun and easy to understand as possible. However, we regretfully cannot take responsibility for any accidents and injuries you might experience as a result of using this tutorial. You proceed at your own risk.


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