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Workshop: Tango Argentino

This course is designed for those who are new to Tango Argentino, and those who have never danced before. We teach it from the perspective of walking to accommodate this audience; the flexibility of our method allows participants to create their own patterns by the end of the workshop.

We stress the importance of dancing tango as a social activity, so all content is presented with lead and follow information known as 'las marcas'. Aspects of navigating safely on the dance floor i.e. floorcraft and a grounding in the major movements of tango music is also addressed.

The course comprises four sessions each having one hour of formal instruction, followed by half an hour of practice during which remedial teaching and individual queries are answered more in–depth.

Session One
We cover the foundation pattern of the tango called the basic eight; broken down into the exit onto the dancefloor (salida) and the end of the dance phrase (resolución). Points of flexibility are highlighted, and a minimum of six variations are introduced. Dance techniques include: set–up of the dance hold, following and leading the four linear directions, centring weight, and waiting.

Session Two
This week you learn how to lead and follow different step sizes, and the cross (trabada) in the basic eight. We also cover forward and backward tango walks both inline and outside your partner, integrating them into the basic to form new figures. At this point, participants already begin to explore and develop their own dance figures.

Session Three
Circular patterns are the theme of this week; beginning with walks to side, building up into turns (giros). We also look at how different variations are created by the phase and direction of each partner, reinforcing the importance of good partnership skills. A complete foundation of leading and following linear and circular elements as an extension of the basic is established by the end of this week.

Session Four
Leg leads (displacements) and adornments (intrusions, boleo, ganchos) are touched upon. The core of the final session illustrates the many ways a dance phrase can be constructed, using a number of sample figures as case studies.


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