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Workshop: Dance Technique

These sessions take on a progressive workshop format and addressing all stages in proper sequence would require about thirty-five lessons. We recognise that this is not often possible, hence smaller stage-by-stage workshops can be run lasting between four to six weeks each.

Dance development is addressed in overlapping stages, relating directly to salsa and merengue. Educational applications of the material are highlighted throughout.

Stage One: Using of the floor
Foot placement; weight transfer; start position; pedalling; deriving action and grip; biomechanics.

Stage Two: Balance and movement
Maximum step size; centring weight; dance base; bolero walks; passive and active movements; turns; spins; responsiveness.

Stage Three: Timing and rhythm
Beat discipline; early, middle, and late beat; rhythm structure; phrases, dancing on different beats; movement across phrases.

Stage Four: Partnership
Holds; types of lead; factors affecting follow; distancing; focus; positioning; tactile feedback; compensating errors; floorcraft; dancing in hostile environments.

Stage Five: Components and combinations
Dance elements, shape and timing; constructing combinations; variation-based training; regional flavours.

Stage Six: Music and dance forms
Percussion; historical developments; bolero; chachachá; cumbia; tango argentino; samba; lambada.

Stage Seven: Developing the upper body
Extending the joint cascade; torso isolation exercises and applications in traditional folkloric rumba and modern timba.


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