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Getting Your Hands Dirty
4 de Diciembre

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Getting Your Hands Dirty
We offer a wide range of activities to keep you and your friends out of mischief. These fall broadly into two categories: learning opportunities and support for your social activities.


After reading about your activities, I would like to invite you to join as member the International Dance Council CID, the official organization for dance at UNESCO... being part of CID is a gesture of belonging to the world-wide family of dancers, as CID represents the art of dance at the highest level.

I remain at your disposal for additional information.

Ms. Adamantia Angeli
International Dance Council - CID


Social Activity Support
Whether you're planning a charity event, promoting a night, or booking entertainment for a social evening, we can help. Salsa & Merengue Society associates range from a full-flight salsa band, Latin music DJs, dance instructors and demonstrators; and can be seamlessly integrated into your programme for the right results.

Learning Opportunities
With the exception of beginner's classes for social events which are vocabulary-based, our teaching model is centred on the learning and development of skills. This is different from the move/combination-based teaching which is the norm, and more akin to that of the sports sciences. Our lessons are available in three flavours:

  • Classes - stand-alone one hour learning periods;
  • Workshops - multiple, contiguous learning segments, each generally one to two hours long;
  • Seminars - more literary in quality with presentation aspects to stimulate group interactivity.

Contact us for more details and advice.

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