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Seminars: Aspects of Afro-Cuban music

Okay, these opportunities are not quite as formal as a seminar. And they aren't limited to Afro-Cuban music. But "not-quite-a-seminar-on-more-than-things-Afro-Cuban" just didn't look right on the navigation menu.

They're more like interactive learning presentations where discussions and the occasional spots of dancing are encouraged. Our seminars have very much a workshop atmosphere, with the addition of presentation slides grouped by topic to inform and stimulate the exploration of a theme.

Themes range from the general, for example:

  • "The phenomenon of salsa: from English country dance to songo"
  • "Salsa's tale of two or more cities"*

to something a little bit more specific, like:

  • "The son rhythm group: guajira or guaracha?"
  • "Cultural resistance to interventionism and doctrine"
  • "Black sugar and White coffee in the Latin Caribbean"*.

Seminars are a great way of rounding out the development of your dance students by grounding the dance activity more firmly in a cultural context. It also allows attendees the chance to interact with their peers at a more discursive social level.

A plethora of topics are available. Please allow for longer lead times where more specific topics are concerned, as more extensive research and planning may be required. You may want to visit our sections on the History of Salsa and the History of Merengue for conceptual direction.

*Extra-catchy titles Loo Yeo.


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