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Salsa & Merengue Disc Jockey (DJ)

Our DJs are experienced, technically capable and well-versed in the art of song selection. Being enthusiastic dancers themselves, and some of them double as instructors, they know what it takes to fill a dance floor - irrespective of whether the attendees are Latin American, hard-core salsa fanatics, or relatively new to Cuban dance.

Salsa & Merengue DJs are versatile, adaptable, adept at reading the needs of the audience, and can be called upon to build an exciting atmosphere. They know their plenas from their pachangas, and their mambos from their mozambiques, and integrate well with other dance activities like lessons, demonstrations and live music performances.

Check out our DJ training course to find out a little about what we do, and then drop us a line to tell us what kind of occasion you've got planned. We'll be happy to help.


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