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Our salsa lessons are planned very much according to the needs of our target learners. The most-often requested lesson is a taster salsa class, designed to get complete beginners onto the dance floor. It typically comprises a selected dance vocabulary, a good dose of Latin musicality, and a touch of partnership skills. Less than an hour is all it takes to get people who might never have danced it before, to dancing salsa comfortably.

If you're looking for more than just a taster, a colourful variety of lesson plans can be created, based one or more themes:


  • British / Cuban
  • North American - West Coast, New York
  • Rueda Oriente circular format


  • On 1: stepping on 1, breaking on 1
  • Street 2 (Eddie Torres): stepping on 1, breaking on 2
  • Power 2 / Palladium 2: stepping on 2, breaking on 2
  • Non-standard showpieces e.g. stepping on 1, breaking on 3


  • Afro-Cuban
  • Colombian
  • North American


  • Elements, individual
  • Elements, partnered
  • Linking
  • Combination case studies


  • Leading
  • Manoeuvrability
  • Floor craft
  • Acquisition mode
  • Timing

The above are just suggestions. Should you like to explore a special facet of salsa dance, let us know and together we can work out a number of effective approaches. Certain themes will take longer to develop, in which case the learning experience would be spread across a sequence of lessons forming a workshop. This happens most often with the skills-based themes, as they take time to naturalise.

Good educators recognise enjoyment and achievement as the most potent of seasonings. Our lessons are above everything else, light-hearted, challenging and rewarding.


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