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Materials for Promoters

 Photograph: Remote Monitoring Facility provided
by Blast P.A. Systems

To book us, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1 - Check out our Live Requirements

  • Small to Mid-Sized Event
    If your event is small to mid-sized in capacity (up to approximately 500 pax), please have a look at our Minimal Technical Specifications. We created this handy document to help you get suitable quotes from companies providing Public Address (PA) systems.
    Download >>
    4de12_technical_specifications_minimal_may08.pdf (348 kb).
  • Large Event and Outdoor Festivals
    If your event is a festival in an outdoor setting or large-capacity venue (501+ pax) where large PA systems are already available/installed, please consult our Preferred Technical Specifications.
    Download >>
    4de12_technical_specifications_preferred_may08.pdf (481 kb).

Step 2 - Let's Talk

Contact us via the details provided in our documents or the email below. (Doing so implies that you undertake to satisfy our Minimim Live Requirements as defined in our Minimal Technical Specifications.) You should also know that 4 de Diciembre is an ensemble that does not draw from a pool of occassional musicians. Consequently, we do not offer concessions on performance fees based on a reduction in the number of musicians. We are, however, usually able to give preferential rates to events associated with causes that we believe in. (The best thing to do is to have a chat with us.)

Please have to hand the proposed performance dates, location, budget, PA provision and basic event details. Depending on that information, we might discuss accommodation and Food & Drink (rider) provision.

It is sometimes not possible for us to confirm our availability immediately. Should that be the case, we will get back to you at the earliest possible opportunity.

Once we come to an agreement, this will be mutually confirmed by email.

Step 3 - Venue and Setup Details

Look at the 'Event and Venue Details plus Action Points' document below and send us back the answers as best as you can (ideally by email). Should you prefer to send it by post, please contact us for a postal address.

Download >>
4de12_event_venue_action_may2008.pdf (193 kb).

Step 4 - Marketing Support

It is in our interests to assist you in putting on a successful event. Contact us to find out about the marketing resources we have available such as: biographies, blurbs, photographs, means of reaching our fanbase and corporate sponsorship (the latter for charitable purposes only).

Suggested P.A. providers are:

Beefstock PA
Contact James Singleton
Mobile: 0779 0702863

Blast PA Systems
Contact Chris Thornton-Smith



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