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Salsa Nightclub Style. By Eddie Torres.
(Available from Latin Sound)

A fine example of an instructional video. Eddie employs good basic teaching practices. Very well suited to the complete beginner. There are only two potential problems with them: there could be a little more content, and if you’re UK based, the timing is on “street two”. Otherwise, let’s hope he makes more. (Loo)

Dance Hot Salsa. By Josie Negila.
(Available from Super Latin Promotions)

Josie has planned the progression of moves and it shows. The move list implies a great number of them, possibly as a marketing ploy. It could have been easier on the student to present them as groups, in the form of root (or basic) moves and their variations. Some teaching quality is sacrificed in favour of quantity, and she leads herself around a bit. Dancers with some previous experience stand to benefit more from it. Makes good reference material. (Loo)

Sensual Salsa. By Elder Sanchez.
(Available from most Latin music outlets)

There are extended sections where Elder and partner just dance together, and so this video can provide inspiration about style and stringing combinations together. Some moves are taught for those who want extend their vocabulary. As an instructional tool, the content is not effectively communicated, falling short in detail, teaching points, language and consistency. Be aware that his movements are often not synchonised to the music due to poor production values. (Loo)



Tango Argentino. By Paul Bottomer.
(Available from Sounds Sensational)

This video is well pitched for a target audience of beginners, with respect to content, pacing and consistency. A brief history of the tango also helps to set the scene. The only major disadvantage is that the content is taught as routines, with crucial lead and follow information missing. The way the tango is presented is a little stylised and lacks some of its passion. (Loo)


Playing Music

Latin-American Percussion. By Birger Sulsbrück.
(Available from Music Sales Limited)

A stunningly brilliant video for beginners and experienced percussionists. Birger is a true master of rhythm and its instruction. He demonstrates and teaches how to play instruments including the clave, bongó, conga and timbales. The content is very heavily condensed but all the essential teaching points are there. Those learning from the video will have to be very attentive. The video and companion booklet go a long way into demystifying the complex world of Cuban Rhythm. A "must have" for anyone serious about playing Cuban music. (Loo)


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