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Loo's Collection
These are postings by Loo Yeo, drawn together from a number of sources like the facebook groups, blogs and fora.

Social Commentary

Salsero Incognito
About the refreshing delights of dancing someplace where you're unknown.

Dancing out of Focus: Moves versus Methods
You can learn a lot from your friends. This piece came about after "sex in the city"-style musings with some terrific dance colleagues.

Floorcraft: Pleasure without the Pain
Simply put, it's about a clash of two dancefloor cultures. And never the 'twain shall meet.


Chachachá: Classic cheek, classic chic
A tribute to one of my favourite rhythms, the cheeky little chachachá. This article was just begging to be written.

Thank you for the music
Ever thought about how salsa makes you feel?

Patato se soltó
Tribute to the late conguero Carlos "Patato" Valdés, who helped make salsa what it is today


A quick and dirty analysis of a video of Cuban Son dancers
What sort of information can be gleaned from a video clip?

On Son Timing (Part 1)
Dancing son to clave, lesson one. A very well-produced instructional video clip. Not without its flaws, but very good nonetheless.

On Son Timing (Part 2)
Dancing son to clave, lesson two. Altogether a very educative couple of videos.

Salsa Cubana Dance Competition
Analysis of the Boogalu video clip which demonstrates the influence of son in salsa.

¡Ay Díos! Ampárame
An example strategy for DJing a salsa evening with a few CDs.

Salsa Scenes

Cuban Salsa over a Chinese restaurant
With SalsadeCuba at Moso Moso, Manchester.

Cuatro de Diciembre @Millhouses Park Festival 2007
The band play on a bright summer's day at Millhouses Park, Sheffield.

Willie Colón @The Roundhouse, 10th August 2007
Catching the Legend of Salsa in concert, in his Farewell Tour.

Sierra Maestra @The Harrogate International Festival 2007
One of the finest examples of understated musicianship.

Manolito Simonet y su Trabuco @The Harrogate International Festival 2007
A brightly-burning star in the Timba constellation. A performance that couldn't be missed.

Cuatro de Diciembre @The Leeds Charity Salsa Ball 2007
Inaugural event in aid of the British Heart Foundation and the Leeds Society for Deaf and Blind People.

The 12th Night Extravaganza
Experiencing Epiphany, salsa-style in York.


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