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Unconventional Means

The word "Bohemian" might seem a strange word to apply to salseros. After all, some West European cultures regard dancing already as a bohemian activity, particularly amongst men.

So what or whom would constitute a bohemian's bohemian?

The answer lies in the definition of bohemian as "a person with artistic or literary interests who disregards conventional standards of behaviour".

The transnationalisation of salsa finds it located and interpreted in local contexts, its links to its points of origin de-emphasised through neglect or simply a lack of understanding.


Bohemian salseros recognise this phenomenon as conventional, and by their very nature find themselves doing otherwise.


Congratulations on the achievements that have earned you membership in the International Dance Coucil CID. Your admission in this organization distinguishes you as one of the leading dance professionals from around the world.

Ms. Anastasia Romveli
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In this section you will find reference to literary and visual materials that I've found useful if not enlightening.

The new timeline and expanded glossary are located here instead of in Revealing Items; because those interested in such matters are usually at a different stage of progression. And you'd probably want to cross-reference their content with that of the third-party material in the books and videos section.

And finally, there's a little page containing motley dance-related writings by me, gleaned from other sources. Call it a personal indulgence if you will. Every bohemian should have at least one.


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